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Women's Flats, Bow Round Toe Comfortable Light Shoes, Mary Jane Red Bottom Shoes

Handmade / High Quality / Comfortable / Good Match

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SKU: HD-A1002-Nude-5.5
Weight: 0.8

Suitable for various occasions including weddings, events, parties, winter, travel, home and work. Take off your heels, take a deep breath, and end your wedding, event, or party in comfort and style.

Cloud-like comfort: Experience the benefits of a three-layer insole that wicks away sweat, responds to your movements and provides long-lasting support. Extra arch support takes your walking experience to the next level. These ballet flats feature a soft lining that's comfortable and durable, keeping your feet comfortable. Elastic band design fits various foot shapes.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND GRIPPLE OUTSOLE: Our specially designed lightweight PVC sole moves with your every step for a snug fit. With a tread that provides excellent traction, you can confidently walk on any surface without worrying about slipping.
  Whether you're attending a formal occasion or running everyday errands, just slip your feet into these flats and go

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